Frequently Asked Questions

CRM and Database

Yes, our CRM solution which is powered by Members Village is fully hosted in Canada and adheres to privacy regulations.

Your data is backed up nightly with additional various backups performed on different time intervals.

Of course not! Your businesses could survive without "needing" a CRM. Funny story, one of my suppliers does everyone out of their head, they know me, recall what I buy and our transactions have no issues. But they have no idea how often I buy, how much I buy, what to restock once I buy, they don't market to me, nor do they have any idea of their business health until the end of the year when they sit down with their accountant. A CRM is a tool to understand the health of your business, keep your customers engaged, keep your team organized and mitigate risk by monitoring trends.

You bet. While we have templates and strategies to make your project as simple as possible the CRM solution we would provide you can be tweaked and adjusted any which way to fit your business case. We always use Members Village as the CRM of choice. As the CRM is built by us, we can even splinter it from the core to give you a standalone platform, just be aware that this option would carry higher costs.


Yes, one of our partners thinks about marketing 25 hours a day.... if it would be possible! With a strong background in creating marketing strategies, executing them and tracking performance to ensuring the customer experience is outstanding, we've got you covered.

Web Design

The typical custom website design turn around is two weeks for SME's and three to four weeks for not-for-profit organizations. Timeframe is directly related to complexity of your project, specification and communications.

Yes. Mobile friendly or "responsive" is an essential component of any modern-day website design. There are no additional fees or change to the timeline for us to ensure your web design is responsive.

Our rate is $125 CAD per hour, however, we recommend hourly rates are seldom used for upkeep purposes and always present fixed rates to clients for projects.

The typical website design cost is $2,500 CAD at the low end with $7,500 CAD at the high end. Specialty projects such as portals where UI/UX development takes longer should expect a higher cost.

Ummm, we're not sure what the others are doing but we always provide a free 1 hour consultation for your project.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, or AODA, is not applicable to all businesses. But for those who must comply our experts are ready to tackle compliance as part of your initial or follow up project.