SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You have a great website but no one can find you! And those that do, send you leads that aren't your ideal target market. The reality is that clicks to your website are pretty much non-existent if you are not within the top 5 search engine results.

We understand the stress and anxiety which can develop from your website not performing the way it could. So we offer a simple digital marketing service with our Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO works with your existing website. SEO is often painless behind the scenes work. SEO doesn't take years or even months to bear fruit, we've seen results on existing websites within days.

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Our SEO Process (optional reading)

With over a decade of experience running Ottawa SEO campaigns we will help you through the following format:

SEO Audit: we examine your website, link strategy, content accessibility, content value (here is our practical guide around content creation for your website), keyword competition and website traffic and how they all correlate to your expectations.

Plan: once an audit is complete we present you with a list of opportunities on what to improve.

Implementation: we put into action a plan on a initial 3 month deployment including all content written for your strategy.

Reporting: we chat once a month to go over what was done and the measured results.

SEO should not be looked at as a one-time activity, for best results it should be maintained as an on-going activity because your competitors will take notice and start their own SEO activities.

The benefits we look to deliver to you is not only to increase volume of users coming to your website but also ensure that your content is relevant to those who show up at your doorstep.

What SEO is and what SEO isn't (really optional reading)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO (see, is the process of organizing and editing website content and other elements to increase your relevance to search engines such as Google.

Our SEO efforts focus on organic SEO - a process which will yield quality long term results without consequences (some providers use tactics which can get you banned in order to yield short term results and get paid).

Most search traffic flows through Google, you do not have to pay to be found on Google or to be included in the Google index, and most other search engines will also provide a submission service for free. Scam alert - beware of anyone charging "search engine insertion" fees.

Search Engine Optimization is a paid-for service which enhances your chance of being found through search engines, it is not a guarantee.

For example, we would love to be found for "Ottawa SEO" or "Ottawa Search Engine Optimization" all the time but we know it's not a reality since the landscape always shifts. So we continually adapt our process - we never assume that we will capture and retain the #1 spot.

The example on the right shows the results for an Ottawa based car accident lawyer after about 2 months post optimization. While there will be up and down movement, the trajectory has been up since launch. You can view the site at

results for search engine optimization