CRM and Databases

Struggling to find a CRM which can be personalized to your business? Say goodbye to technical headaches and hello to simplicity. Imagine this: a CRM which is easy to use. Databases which anyone can understand. Reporting which tells your operational story.

You are an expert in your industry, and we're the database wizards, let's turn your tech frustrations into a stress-free experience.

Since 2006 we had the pleasure of supporting organizations such as the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Business Council of Canada and CropLife Canada to deploy both public facing data driven websites and secure CRM portals.

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The typical database story

Ignite has been providing database and CRM services to small and medium-sized organizations and non-profits from our Ottawa offices for over 15 years and the similar story comes up....

  • Managing data from multiple sources
  • Duplicate data - not sure which is valid
  • Multiple products which don't deliver what was promised
  • Very reliant on their developer for database changes
  • Unsure about compliance with Canadian privacy laws
  • No data, digital or technology strategy - everything is done on the fly

We get it. Technology can be daunting, especially when it's supposed to make running your business easier, not harder. With Digital Essentials you can rest easy knowing that all the heavy lifting is done on your side and you and your team will get a simple experience for your CRM and database project. Working with you we'll identifying goals, the ideal experience, data structure design, create beautiful reports and provide you with simple interfaces.

You'll gain new confidence in your business by having data at your fingertips and your tasks automated. You also gain peace of mind knowing your data is secure on our Canadian hosted cloud.

What does it cost to build a database? We provide an estimate cost breakdown of what development of a database in a recent post.

Common Database and CRM Questions

We've created a collection of the most common questions around our database and CRM services.

You bet. While we have templates and strategies to make your project as simple as possible the CRM solution we would provide you can be tweaked and adjusted any which way to fit your business case. We always use Members Village as the CRM of choice. As the CRM is built by us, we can even splinter it from the core to give you a standalone platform, just be aware that this option would carry higher costs.

Of course not! Your businesses could survive without "needing" a CRM. Funny story, one of my suppliers does everyone out of their head, they know me, recall what I buy and our transactions have no issues. But they have no idea how often I buy, how much I buy, what to restock once I buy, they don't market to me, nor do they have any idea of their business health until the end of the year when they sit down with their accountant. A CRM is a tool to understand the health of your business, keep your customers engaged, keep your team organized and mitigate risk by monitoring trends.

Your data is backed up nightly with additional various backups performed on different time intervals.

Yes, our CRM solution which is powered by Members Village is fully hosted in Canada and adheres to privacy regulations.