Our Story

I became passionate about all things web in 2000, by 2005 I was employed in the web department of a multi-national corporation. I couldn't stay, the job didn't align with my core beliefs.

Ignite was formed out of several like minded people coming together. We believe that clients should be supported, not treated like a number. That clients should get value, not nickel-and-dimed at every opportunity.

We began with a core focus on web design and development. Quickly moving into advanced websites which featured database tools and enabled business to digitize and automate.

We then partnered with a branding guru and became better rounded offering logo and brand identity services to go along with web projects.

In 2015 a new direction for our tools started taking shape when we met with Derek. In 2019 yet another seed was planted when we met Luc who is now helping us continuously improve our experience.

Recently we launched our first product, a member database platform ideally suited for associations and organizations which need to manage lots of data.

Today we are heavily focused on web and database projects while offering complimentary logo + brand identity, web design and SEO services. And more stuff, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, are coming down the pipe. It's an exciting time.

And while I could go on about the work we have done, there is only one thing which really matters - you.

Together we will make technology work for you while being provided the best expertise and support by a passionate team.

Our Team

Remi Goc Remi Goc
Vision Enabler

Strategy, database + ecommerce are my strengths. I've been around since web design was done in tables and Netscape was a thing.

Derek Reid Derek Reid
Functionality Builder

10+ years in programming. Derek loves his cats, his many cats. Secondly, he likes code and uses it to save people time in their day to day activities.

Our Partners

Kari Lebeau Kari Lebeau
Branding Genius

Kari has been our graphic design partner for over 10 years. Amazing at converting the needs of a project into amazing logos, brand identity guides and other graphic design materials.

Stephane Trottier Stephane Trottier
Creative Dude

Stephane is our lead for SME projects. He'll guide a client through the steps of inception to getting their website up and running.

Glenda Beaulieu Glenda Beaulieu
Marketing Guru

Crafting killer marketing strategies to wrangling unwieldy databases, I'm your go-to gal for all things association marketing. Let's face it, if the internet were a person, I'd be its best friend.