Webmaster Services

You may not have enough time to maintain and manage your website, would prefer to set the goals and have the pros take over the web management. Our Ottawa webmaster service has helped many by establishing a reliable web support team for various management and content update tasks.

We make things simple for you - send us your stuff, we'll make it happen!

Combine our knowledge and rapid response times to carry out your website updates and maintain the flow of business.

Let's chat today about how to simplify your website management.

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Webmaster Services Packages

Our webmaster service is available to you in three packages. You will get the benefit of having an expert fulfill each request based on their specialty and can take advantage of our web strategy sessions to plan ahead. Your website updates happen reliably and you get clarity and strategy. 

Occasional Help

5 hours

Strategy meeting upon request

Regular Help

10 hours

Yearly strategy meeting

Lots of stuff to do!

20 hours

Quarterly strategy meeting


There is a wide variety of tasks which can be performed using our service.

See what's Included

On-demand Webmaster Services

On-demand services for website maintenance are done on a first-come first-served basis.

Our webmaster and other specialists are available to you when you need them and each request is quoted so you have clarity in terms of the scope.

The hourly rate for our webmaster is $125.00

What's Included

Our webmaster support allows you to have all the resources of a dedicated web and graphic design department without having to pay for one.

Whether you operate a simple brochure website or performing e-commerce, having a site that is up-to-date brings value not only to your visitors but also to your search engine optimization strategy.

Some of the routine tasks a webmaster would perform include:

  • Content updates
  • Graphic design + website design
  • Code corrections
  • Video uploads
  • API/widget installations
  • Software updates (for example, keeping Wordpress up to date)
  • Code snippet installations
  • Logo + brand identity requests
whats included in our ottawa webmaster services