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You would think that getting a website up and running would be simple, right? When it comes to website design in Ottawa there are literally dozens of providers screaming for your business - hard to know who actually delivers results. Then there are the D-I-Y tools you can find online with endless tutorials - you just wanted a website, not an education!

By booking a call with us, what you immediately get is a personalized free consultation about your needs and goals.

You are then presented with a website strategy outline, timeline and the required investment to make it happen. We want you to feel confident before giving the go-ahead - after all this is a relationship.

Throughout the website design process you will be supported by our team of passionate experts who keep you in the loop at all times. All to ensure that your project ends up with the best possible website design to meet or exceed your goals and expectations.

Start your web journey through a commitment free consultation.

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How You Benefit From A Great Website Design

Your website experience with Ignite is going to be purposefully simple. While most Ottawa web designers talk about how many awards they've won and how many technologies they use, we'd rather focus on you and your goals. We believe that you are seeking an expert who will help you through the website design process without adding complication to your life.

We make sure that when we design your website, the focus is on the following pillars:

  • The website serves a clear goal
  • easy to understand by visitors
  • self-help tools so users and members can help themselves
  • is built to generate new business (leads or sales)
  • saves time and money with automated features
  • provides access to a team of expert support

Associations, charities, foundations and non-profits, and small and medium-sized enterprises are those industries which we serve best.

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Recent Projects

With over 100 website and portals launched take a peek at some of our recent projects and how clients have benefited from our services.

Vivify-me Life is full of challenges and Sue is here to help people navigate through them.
Ontario Made Thrilled to be part of the launch of the updated Ontario Made - a great initiative managed by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.
Ontario Made
Greenberg Podiatry Foot clinic for checkups, treatments and surgery. Greenberg Podiatry are Ottawa's foot experts.
Ottawa Foot Clinic
Canadian Plane Trade An value add aviation marketplace website for COPA and its membership which is also available to the public.
Visit Website

Our Website Design Process


When you choose to work with our website design Ottawa team expect the following steps:

Consultation: Whether in-person, by phone or via e-mail, the initial step is to determine what the website has to do for you. Typically kept to a higher level this initial step provides us with a good understanding of your needs and goals.

Needs Analysis: We capture everything from your organizational branding, to your competition and visual preferences into a design blueprint.

Website Architecture: The process of identifying the pages and main sections of your website.

Wireframing: Development of black and white wireframes which serve to illustrate where content will be positioned within the web design.

Website design: One of our web designers takes all consultation information, analysis information, website architecture and wireframes and develops a website concept which will meet all of your objectives and satisfy your users' expectations.

Going Mobile, Responsive Web Design: The strongest growing segment of your audience are those using mobile devices. We ensure that your website will meet their expectations and allow them to easily find the most relevant content in an experience tailored for mobile devices.

Support and Maintenance: Once your project is launched we are more than happy to support your team through various services such as webmaster services and SEO.

Common Website Design Questions

We've created a collection of the most common questions around our web design projects.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, or AODA, is not applicable to all businesses. But for those who must comply our experts are ready to tackle compliance as part of your initial or follow up project.

Ummm, we're not sure what the others are doing but we always provide a free 1 hour consultation for your project.

The typical website design cost is $2,500 CAD at the low end with $7,500 CAD at the high end. Specialty projects such as portals where UI/UX development takes longer should expect a higher cost.

Our rate is $125 CAD per hour, however, we recommend hourly rates are seldom used for upkeep purposes and always present fixed rates to clients for projects.