Web Hosting

Providers for organizations those who want security, performance and Canadian based web hosting.

Whether you have a small website or a high demanding web application our web hosting is fast, secure and reliable.

We guide you through getting your website setup because some of it can be pretty technical and you shouldn't have to become a tech person to get things to work.

Our web hosting services are ideal for PHP/MySQL applications - and all data is backed up on a nightly basis to ensure that in the situation of crisis your data can be recovered.

Critically important is that our servers allow you to comply with Canadian privacy laws by storing all their data within Canada.

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What is the benefit of hosting your website in Canada?

Hosting your website in Canada comes with a number of important advantages.

To begin, as much as we could make fun of Bell or Rogers, the internet infrastructure is both incredibly quick and stable. These two elements ensure that your visitors can reach your web server easily and without delay.

Your website will be able to reach a larger audience due to the relatively low rate of internet filtering. Think of other nations where censorship exist and your website can be shut down due to the whim of a dictator.

When should I host my website in Canada?

There is one key question we always ask "will you be storing personal data about your users" - to keep it simple, are you collecting the name and address of your users. If so, we recommend using a Canadian based server during our initial consult or web design stages.

If you are just going to be launching a brochure website which captures no data - then hosting services outside of the country are fine.

Our Hosting

We use two data facilities located in Brampton and Toronto. One location for stand alone website hosting and cloud hosting where our database membership platform resides.

Do I also get email?

Absolutely! All of our web hosting clients also have access to an unlimited quantity of branded email addresses. Each mailbox comes with 3GB of storage space and fully accessible through either POP3 or IMAP.

For those on the go a secure webmail client is provided enabling you to access your email with nothing more than a browser.

Using our email service comes free of charge for our web hosting clients.