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Finding the right partner for your charity or foundation website is critical - work with the wrong one and you risk poor donations and ineffective promotion of events.

Focus on what you do best, spend your time helping people and leverage a trusted partner to create an effective website and simplify fundraising for you.

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Logos + Branding Identity Guidelines

An easily recognizable logo for your charity or foundation is a key pillar as it which helps build trust with your donors and donors to be. Your brand will carry your message along through various media and allow you to take advantage of building an engaged and committed following.

Your charity of foundation will also make use of a branding identity guidelines document which will enable you to magnify your reach by providing your internal team and external partners with standards on how your branding can be used, ensuring a consistent identity. Don't risk people taking freedoms with your brand which has taken time and money to build up.

Book a free consultation and when you proceed our branding guru will guide you along a structured branding identity process and provide feedback throughout, ensuring all stakeholders are happy with the direction.

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Web Design For Charities and Foundations

The web continues to evolve and as it does so does our strategy for charities and foundations to maximize their fundraising. We understand the competitive nature of obtaining donations and our focus is to support your growth through digitization. The experiences we create for charities and foundations are simple to use, informative and allow you to maintain control over communications.

There is website design for charities and foundations and then there is better website design which is driven by intention and goal oriented. When partnering with us, your charity or foundation will benefit from the following:

  1. Donations. Maximize donations through simple experiences all while being fully CRA compliant for automated charitable receipt issuance.
  2. Expertise. Avoid pitfalls when it comes to donations, we ensure there are none for your donors to get stuck.
  3. Engagement. Enable your donors and followers to keep up to date and leverage conversion tactics to increase donations and event registrations.
  4. Programs. Whether its just an overview or web-based resources, we ensure your programs and information is easily accessible.
  5. Volunteers. Easily recruit volunteers to help your cause without any additional effort.
  6. Support. Whether it's a general question or consultation or technical issue, you can rest easy knowing you have a team of experts to help with your website.

We know that the tireless work charities and foundations do helps a lot of people in sometimes awful positions and that is near and dear to our hearts. So we always talk ourselves down to preferential pricing for charities and foundations.

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Charities and Foundations

Here is some one our recent charity and foundation branding and website work.

QuickStart Autism What a story! Suzanne is a grandmother of two boys with autism who took it upon herself to help other families by providing resources and programs.
Hillel Lodge We had the opportunity to work with the Lodge and its foundation to revamp the website.
Carefor We've been working with Carefor to provide support and website services for over 10 years.
Reach Canada Great charity looking to connect people in need with legal help. We have been donating our services to Reach Canada for over 10 years.

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