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The only thing worse than not having a website is having a website nobody can find. Placing outside the top 5 search results for your terms greatly reduces your chance of getting visitors.

Our SEO team focuses on increasing your websites' ability to be found by search engines and rank for its target keywords because we understand the stress which come with a website which doesn't perform to your expectations.

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SEO Free Tips Tested Q2 2023

When it comes to SEO it is always a cycle of theory > testing > adaptation > repeat.

Here are several noteworthy tips we have tested in Q3 of 2022.

  • Website design
    Simple websites can rank well, we tested with projects which had web design which cost $3k and under to implement.
  • Speed!
    Websites which are fast and standards compliant do well.
  • Clarity
    Way more important then we thought. SEO accelerates when the intention is crystal clear.
  • Content
    You don't need a blog. You don't need to post every day. We've intentionally testing sites with less than 20 pieces of content, they ranked! We can help you write amazing content as well.
  • Dabbling
    Updates don't need to happen as often as we thought. Mostly hands-off and monitor only approach has yielded decent results. Backlinks matter - read our post about how to create quality backlinks.
  • SSL
    They are cheap to obtain and now website should run without an SSL certificate.
  • Results
    Anything outside the top 5 positions and forget leads. Best SEO return on investment happens in to top 3.

Feel free to steal these and implement on your own if you wish. These tips were formulated during testing SEO for Ottawa based clients in highly competitive niches such as

What is SEO, really?

SEO is not a guarantee, it is a process through which we increase your chance to: have search engines find your website, get your website found through search engines, and get visitors to convert into leads through your website.

Think of it as really technical and subtle marketing when compared to other types of marketing.

Search Engine Optimization, means you get to work with one of our Ottawa website experts to refine your website, set goals and then have them monitor your campaign. The only metrics we care about are those which make financial sense to you, so for a small business (say a home inspector) the measure of success is how many inspections are booked through the website.

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