Create Amazing Backlinks For Your Website

Should you ask partners and suppliers to create backlinks to your website? Absolutely, IMO this is the number one factor in gaining better results in your marketing initiatives such as SEO.

What we will be covering today are know under different terms but the same, they are referred to as referrals, references or the most popular and technical term: backlinks.

Creating effective backlinks for your website requires just a little bit of work but will pay dividends over time. Helpful tips for creating great backlinks from us to you:

  1. Relevance
    Create a list and prioritize from the biggest names to less know websites. Focus on those who already rank well, these are typically the websites of associations, institutions and large business.
  2. Variety
    Ask your partner if they are able to create a backlink on their website first, and social channels (social sharing is a bonus).
  3. Prepare your content
    Provide a "ready to go" template to make their life easier. You will need to prepare and provide a title/heading, image(s), paragraph about you and your link. If the partner is willing to share on social media also include a link to your social profile.
  4. Clear anchor text
    Ensure your links have clear and natural anchor text. If images are used as a backlink it is imperative to set the ALT tag.
  5. Don't focus on search engines
    Write your content in natural language, not something which is filled with keywords/phrases and sounds spammy.
  6. Google My Business
    In addition to asking partners to create a backlink to you, ensure you also create a GMB profile.
  7. Monitoring
    Use a tool like Googles Search Console to keep an eye on the impact of the backlinks

These quick tips will help you create a backlink profile that positively impact your online presence over time.

Don't have the time to handle this marketing piece yourself? Let us know and we can connect you with our marketing guru right away.

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