Database Services

You have a need for a database - but let's be honest, no one likes to talk about databases. Or perhaps your past experience with getting a database which works for you gave your more headaches than benefits.

We love databases and will guide you along through a proven process which determines your goals and needs, simple deployment and configuration and finally launching your database and training your team.

Start your data journey by requesting a commitment free consultation.

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The typical database story

Mary and Sam know things could be better but...

  • They are overwhelmed with manually managing data from multiple sources
  • They have what appears to be duplicate data - but they are not sure
  • They are dealing with multiple products which don't deliver what was promised
  • They are very reliant on their developer
  • They don't know if their data is compliant with Canadian privacy law
  • They are in need of a data strategy, but they are not database experts

With our services you can rest easy knowing that all the heavy lifting is done on your side and you and your team will get a simple experience managing and using your data.

Database Applications

Sometimes an out-of-the-box database just isn't enough. You have specific needs that go beyond simple data management.

We have helped transform clients with various needs and mandates - our database platform provides a great deal of flexibility.

Let's chat about your project today - our initial conversation is free. Rest easy, we won't spam you with follow ups if you don't like our offer.

whats included in our ottawa database services