Database Services

Struggling to manage your data effectively? Let us help with a personalized database solution which will save time, reduce errors from fragmented data sources and provide actionable insights through easy to understand reports.

Our process starts with identifying goals, the ideal experience, data structure design, creating beautiful reports and providing our clients with simple interfaces.

Our work also ensures you have confidence in your data through our rigorous integrity protocols. You also gain peace of mind knowing your data is secure on our Canadian hosted cloud.

Ignite has been providing database expertise to small and medium-sized organizations and non-profits from our Ottawa offices for over 15 years.

Over that time we had the pleasure of supporting organizations such as the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Business Council of Canada and CropLife Canada to deploy both public facing data driven websites and secure CRM portals.

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The typical database story

Mary and Sam know things could be better but...

  • They are overwhelmed with manually managing data from multiple sources
  • They have what appears to be duplicate data - but they are not sure
  • They are dealing with multiple products which don't deliver what was promised
  • They are very reliant on their developer
  • They don't know if their data is compliant with Canadian privacy law
  • They are in need of a data strategy, but they are not database experts

With our services you can rest easy knowing that all the heavy lifting is done on your side and you and your team will get a simple experience managing and using your data.